Saving NewBee Advisor

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, an Army unit is sent to resuce the last surviving brother for a mother in waiting. The team is successful and Private Ryan returns home to live a life of fulfillment.

Nice story. Great plot. Excellent movie.

What has that got to do with Fixed Operations and Service Advisors?

Well, it is more about what you are not doing than what you are doing. And “Saving NewBee Advisor” could just as well be titled “Saving Every Advisor.” But I chose Newbee because it brings home that in every Service Manager there beats the heart of a Trainer and Coach (at least there should be) , and that last thing we want to do is put Newbee Advisor in a position to Fail.

So the question is, “If I am the  Service Manager today, what 3 things would I need to teach my Newbee Advisor so that I could Save him or her from the same mistakes that most every other Advisor makes in their respective careers?”

1st, lets teach them How to be Investigatory. In other words, how to ask good questions. Let me give you an example of a bad question. “Would you like fries with that?” Why is that a bad question?

Because everything preceeding that question was order taking. Order taking is just that. Writing down what the person told you, putting that into the computer and waiting for the next request. Anybody can learn to do that. Heck, we taught a monkey to fly in space using the very same technique.

Advisors are investigatory. They ask questions that are investigative in nature. “Mr. Customer, I noticed that it’s been 6ooo miles since you had your tires rotated. Would you like for me to rotate them for you today?” or “Mr. Customer, during your last visit we recommended  replacing the upper and lower radiator hoses. Has that been taken care of yet?”

2nd, lets teach them how to be Sell properly. A true Salesperson is the ulitimate Professional. They study their craft by reading, training and role playing. They leave nothing to chance that is in their direct control. They always know how to respond even if they don’t know what they are going to say.

Too many times our Newbee Advisors are in the position to make a Sale and have no clue how to properly do it. They say the wrong thing or even worse, never say anything at all! They lack confidence to complete the transaction if there is anything outside of the ordinary because they haven’t been trained to deal with the unexpected. (does Handling Objections sound familiar?)

Lastly, lets teach them how to Listen properly. Listening is a skill like any other. Stop practicing good Listening habits and watch the Sales tumble like BP’s stock after the oil spill. Straight down the Leaderboard.

Good Listening start with eye contact and paying attention. If you find your Advisors staring at the computer screen and answering the phone when the Customer is standing in front of them, it might be time for a “Saving.”

Saving Newbee and Every Advisor does not need to be a resuce mission if Training and Coaching are a priority and practiced daily. Take a look at your Advisors and see if they are in need of being Saved. Teach and Coach How to ask Investigative Questions, How to Sell and How to Listen and watch your Service Sales increase.

Send an email to and put “What are 3 Top Training Resources” in the subject line and I’ll send you a list of 3 Top Training Resources in How to Ask Questions, Sales and Listening Techniques.


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