3 Important Steps to Increase Service Sales

Ooooohhh, you got a shiny new car. I got to admit….you look good in it!  It’s all you…the color… the styling….all your friends and neighbors are just gonna scream when you pull it into the driveway…they’ll say things like “Nice ride” or “Man, that is saaaaawwweeeetttt!”

And for the next few months you are constantly looking for excuses to take that baby for a spin! Need a double A for the tv remote??? “I’ll be right back” is the only thing you shout as you rush out the door to a store clear across town just so you can “cruise it baby!” Know what I’m talking about? 

You probably are not even thinking about this next question.
“What percentage of your customers take delivery of their new or used vehicle and then, once they get home, remove that maintenance manual so they can review their required and recommended maintenance schedule?”
asks Don Reed of DealerPro Training Solutions.
The answer, not many. The reason is, they are just like you and me. The last thing on our minds is “When will I need to take it in for my first service?”
All this means is that the purchaser, who has become your new potential Service Customer, will need to know what maintenance is required in order to keep their vehicle in top running condition.
If you are in Service there should be a word that just popped into your head. Can you say “Opportunity?
In order to capitalize on your potential  “opportunity” you will need to do at least 3 things.
1st, provide a friendly, inviting environment to have service completed. Some things you will need to have are Friendly People (not fake friendly), clean waiting rooms and restrooms (a real must!), adequately comfortable chairs to sit down (not the plastic high school lunchroom chairs), access to refreshments (does not have to be gourmet) and probably the number one item in the customer’s mind, a promise to meet the customers time expectations.
2nd, have personnel that are not only knowledgeable about the maintenance required, but can explain it in a manner that a customer can understand with a friendly, caring attitude. No condescending, no derogatory or demeaning statements, no expectation of compensation. Just a sincere and caring attitude in favor of the customer.
Lastly, a thorough inspection of the customer vehicle when in for service. Every time. When completed, the customer should receive a copy and complete explanation of what was found and the overall condition of the vehicle.  Every time. By doing this the customer and you will begin to build a relationship. One that will lead to continued customer loyalty to the brand and the Dealership and future business for you.   
Are there many more things you need to do? Yep. These are just 3 of the most important. There are a lot more  steps to take in increasing your service market. If you can accomplish these 1st 3, you’ll be on your way to having increased service business, returning loyal customers and increasing profit.
Now, go get your car and take it for a ride…somewhere there is a double A about to go bad and you are going to need a new one!
Send an email to lbuchholz@dealerprotraining.com and I’ll send you a scorecard you can use to measure your Service Department in the 8 Most Important Keys to Service Sales.







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