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Service Advisor Training… Expense or Investment?

A significant number of dealers these days are becoming more and more aggressive in selling used vehicles. Some have even lost their new car franchises and now rely solely on used vehicle sales, along with parts and service sales to pay the overhead and hopefully provide them with a significant return on investment (ROI). I’m confident you will agree that it is critically important for all dealers to earn the highest possible ROI on every single investment they make.

Now, in order to increase sales in any department you have to start doing things differently and/or do different things. If not, then you simply continue to do what you’ve always done, as stated so clearly by Zig Ziglar: “You have the perfect processes in place to get you exactly what you got last year.” I’m talking about training here in order to positively affect change. Some of you will take the approach of saving your way into profitability by vowing not to increase your expenses, but you remain willing to make investments every day of your business life. Let’s consider some examples.

NADA research shows that the average used car cost (investment) is about $13,300 and the vehicles sells for around $15,000 resulting in a gross profit of $1,700, which is about 13% ROI. Assuming you can turn that original inventory investment of $13,300 every 30 days (great job) that would be 12 turns per year at $1,700 gross PRU for a total gross profit of $20,400 resulting in a ROI of 153 percent! My guess is none of you would hesitate to invest $13,300 in inventory knowing that you will realize a 153 percent ROI over the next 12 months. As a matter of fact, many of you wouldn’t hesitate to make multiple investments: 50, 75 or even 100 of those $13,300 cars to earn that kind of an ROI. Makes perfect sense to me!

Research also shows that a service advisor servicing 12 customers per day (four warranty and eight customer pay) and averaging 1.5 hours per repair order (HPRO) at NADA benchmarks will produce about $1,637 in gross profit per day, $36,016 in gross profit per month and a total of $432,194 in gross profit per year. If you diverted just one of those $13,300 used car inventory investments into a $13,300 training investment in your service advisor and that training produced an extra 0.5 HPRO (33 percent improvement), you would realize a gross profit increase of about $12,000 per month or $144,000 over the next 12 months resulting in a ROI of 1082 percent! (If your stockbroker can do that for you, please send me his name and number.)

Let’s finish the math here by adding the additional gross profit of $144,000 to the $432,194, and you have a total annual gross profit of $576,194 produced by one employee—the service advisor. Now I ask you, how many employees do you have producing over $576,000 a year in gross profit? Maybe your F&I producers. How many salespeople are producing that kind of gross for you? This is the equivalent of selling 28 used cars a month at $1,700 PRU. How many salespeople are selling an average of 28 cars a month to match the performance of a 2.0-HPRO service advisor? How’s that $13,300 training investment working out for you now? Is it an expense or an investment? Maybe you should ask your broker to answer that one for you.

Consider the following:

1. Who gets the most incoming sales calls per day—salesperson or service advisor?

2. Who meets and greets the most sales opportunities per day—salesperson or service advisor?

3. Who has the greatest impact on owner retention—salesperson or service advisor?

4. Who has the greatest impact on brand loyalty—salesperson or service advisor?

5. Who needs telephone and sales training—salesperson or service advisor?

The answer to questions one through four is the service advisor. The answer to question number five is both the salesperson and the service advisor. The simple fact is anyone in your dealership who comes in contact with your customers as well as your potential customers must be professionally trained on how to effectively communicate (sell) to them all.

I’m sure far too many of you dealers, general managers and service directors will continue to try and save your way into profitability versus being proactive and committing to re-allocating some of your inventory investment into your training investment. For those dealers, general managers and service directors who get it, you can look forward to record service and parts profits in 2010. It’s your choice to make.

Don Reed, CEO DealerPro Training Solutions.
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For Trainers

The greatest single feeling of accomplishment you can experience as a Trainer is one where someone you are Training suddenly…Gets It.

And right in front of you… before your very eyes, there is a Change.

See, in Training, change is mostly slow, frequently subtle, hard to see and sometimes hard to measure. It requires energy, time, committment, belief, knowledge, skill, communication, background, application and mostly… Will Power.

So, when someone “Gets It” and it happens right in front of you, it is a pretty special moment. Because up until that time you have invested all of yourself on…Faith.

Nothing more.

Faith in that person. Faith in what you Teach and how you Train. Faith that if you keep trying and never give in to the naysaying, the complaints, the whining, the bitching, the negativity…then you will have that moment…that special moment that occurs only after you have given of yourself and invested in another person based solely on Faith… with the only Thought and the only Reward… a moment in time when… that person…Gets It.

So, for you Trainers out there, the ones with the skin in the game, the heart on your sleeve, the feet on the deck and the eye on the prize…Keep It Up. We are counting on you.

We are counting on you to see us for what we can Become and what we can Achieve. We are counting on you Mr. or Ms. Trainer to Push us when we think we cannot be Pushed any more, to Train us when we think we have been Trained enough, to ask us to Commit to what you are Teaching us and to hold us Accountable for what we do or do not do.

That is what we are asking of you Mr. or Ms. Trainer.

Because if you do not…who will?

And because we have Faith in you Mr. or Ms. Trainer, we will…Try.

Rest assured that we will stumble, we will procrastinate, we will regress, we will start in fits and flubs…and through it all we will be counting on you.

Counting on you to be there to guide and lead. To lead us when we want to quit and remind us what we can become. You never quit on us and that is why we look to you. Because you have Faith.

For if you give up on us, what Hope do we have? If you do not Train us, who will?

Remember that you fill a Role…the most important Role any person can have …the most Respected of all Professions a man or woman can undertake…that of one who Leads and Trains. We ask that you don’t give up on us. 

We ask that you…Try. Because we want to be the person that “Gets It” and make everything you do worthwhile.

We are counting on you.

Not Taking Action Has Consequences

Yesterday I had the privilege of addressing a room of Service Managers and Factory Personnel. And I have to believe that everyone in that room was there to find or gather some new information that would help them take action on something that might be causing them some problems at their Dealerships.

Why would you attend if you had no hope of getting something, right? I hope that everyone one of them got something that they can use right away at their Dealership this week.

And because I had a long drive home afterwards I started thinking about the consequences of not taking action.

In the Service Department the consequences really multiply quickly.

Lets take a look at John Q. Advisor.

John Q. is a underachiever at ABC Motors. His HPRO is at .9 and his Gross Profit Margin is below 70%. Now, John Q. is not necessarily a bad guy. In fact, he is a likeable and hard-working employee. He comes to work on time and believes he contributing to the overall success of the Service Department.

Johns current performance level is not acceptable. And the consequence of not taking action has verifiable results. Lets break down the numbers.

With his .9 HPRO at the national labor rate of $85.00 an hour, John is earning  $76.50 in Gross Labor Sales per RO. Add in his Parts Gross Sales of $61.20 per RO (which is a 80% parts to labor ratio)and that adds up to a total of $137.70 per CP Repair Order written.  John has been performing at this level for 3 months.

The national average is 1.5 HPRO. By accepting Johns performance it is costing the Dealership money.

How much money?

Using 1.5 HPRO as a benchmark, adding .6 at $85.00 equals $51.00 in Gross Labor Sales. Factor in the Parts Gross of $40.80 and each RO that John Q. writes is costing the Dealership $91.80 in LOST SALES!  John writes an average of 220 CP ROs a month.

That is a $20,196.00 per month loss of income and over a 3 month period that adds up to $60,588.00!

I have to ask you, would you pay any Advisor $20,196.00 extra  a month? $252,352 a year?

By not taking action, YOU ARE!

Everyday that John is not held Accountable for his performance there is a concrete and verifiable  loss. Not only a monetary loss but a performance loss that affects the whole department as well.


Accepting Johns performance sends a message to everyone in the Dealership that there is a lack of accountability and that continued performance at this level is A-OK! In fact, John and every employee in the Service Department need not worry about their future…it is secure at ABC Motors.

You know what is worse?

John thinks that it’s ok. Should John go to another Dealership for whatever reason, he would soon find himself out of a job, again.

Why? Because Underachievers are not tolerated everywhere!

So not only has John Q. become a drain on the daily cash flow at ABC Motors, the Service Manager at ABC Motors is costing the Dealership money as well.

How is that possible and Why is it the Service Managers fault?

By not Taking Action, not providing Training and Coaching and not holding Jonh Q. Accountable for his daily performance, the Service Manager is perpetuating Poor Performance and Condoning it!

Do you have a John Q. in your store?

Are you suffering the consequences of not taking action? What are you going to do about it!

Training is the basis for Exceptional Performance. Call 888-553-0100 or send an email to and find out how the right Training will make a difference in your Dealership.

Are You Missing Service Sales?

The number one area that your Customers would like you to improve in is… Communicating with your Customers.

Most of you reading this would say “We do communicate with our Customers all the time! We call them; we send them emails…why we even have a monthly newsletter that we send out. What more could they possibly want?”

Maybe…just maybe…they might want you to communicate with them the way they like to be communicated with…whaddya think?

Have you asked your Customers this question…”Mr./Ms. Customer, which way would you like me to communicate with you? Do you we contact you by cell phone? Do you prefer we text you? Would you prefer we send you an email? Or is there another form of communication that you would like for us to use?”

Once you have the answer to that question, you need to have people who are Trained to Communicate! And by training your personnel to Communicate they will become better at the one thing that they must be the BEST at in a Dealership…SALES!

“If you are willing to commit to training your entire Fixed Operations team how to effectively communicate with every customer on every phone call and at every visit you are well on your way toward creating a culture of salesmanship within your entire organization.” says Don Reed, CEO of DealerPro Training Solutions.

And that Culture is what is required to be successful and competitive in today’s Dealership.

You must have people who can effectively Communicate and that means you need to do 3 things.

  1. Train everyone in Sales, Service and Parts how to answer the phone. It is a skill set like any other. There is a script or word track for just about every conceivable situation. Once they learn the script and begin to use it, it begins to sound natural and they gain confidence. There is nothing worse for a Customer and a Dealership than to have your Customer phone in and get someone who has absolutely no idea how to answer the phone or what to do. It sets the wrong tone and establishes the idea in the Customers mind that they may have made a mistake in choosing you to do business with. And that Customer will remember that experience for a long time. Think they don’t? Have you ever had a Customer start off a conversation with “One time I called here and _______ happened.”?
  2. Train your Service Advisors to ask every Service  Customer the following. “Mr. /Ms. Customer, what is the best way for us to contact you today?” when they drop it off for Service. The follow-up question is “In case I’m having some difficulty getting in contact with you, is there another way or another person I can get in touch with?” These two questions will boost Sales in Service. Why? How many times have your Service Advisors set an RO aside for hours at a time because they could not reach the Customer? And when they finally did get them, it was too late in the day, there were other issues, the Technician was busy doing other work…blah, blah, blah. That leads to a Lost Sale and that leads to Lost Gross.
  3. Train your Service Advisors to be investigatory. Investigatory means simply being inquisitive and asking questions. What kind of questions do you ask? Anything that leads to the discovery of more information. Questions in the service drive sound like “Have you had your tires rotated?”…”When was the last time you had ________?”…”Have you noticed any leaks? What color was the fluid?” These questions and others like them,  will get you more action items on your Repair Order. At the writeup area you can ask other questions like “I noticed that the last time in we recommended ______ and I don’t see where we have taken care of that yet…is that right?”…These examples of investigatory questions help the Customer get the Best Service Experience and make the Service Advisor more proactive which leads to more Sales. This is the beginning of developing a culture of Salesmanship.

And that leads to a culture of Success.

Communication with the Customer is the key to Service Department Profitability. Training every Service Advisor in phone skills, how to contact the Customer and becoming an Investigator will pave the way on the Road to Success.

Is Service Advisor Training a priority? Are you losing Sales? Send an email to or call 888-553-0100 and find out how Training will help your Service Advisors make more Sales.

Change Your View…Change Your Life…

I was traveling recently when I noticed a young man standing in the same line as I was for the San Diego flight. Like many of you traveling and spending a lot of time in airports, I become a “people watcher” to pass the time.

As I have “aged” (a kind word for getting old) I find myself watching younger people, especially the kids. I think that  children, who are mostly excited to be traveling and filled with boundless and seemingly endless amounts of energy, are the most fun to watch.

They seldom sit still and the relentless amount of questions they ask of their somewhat harassed and harried parents is simply amazing. Children also have one more thing that you and I need to have a lot more of…

A Positively Charged Environment.

They seldom get down. To them, it’s all part of the adventure we call life. They don’t worry about what they can’t change (something we do all the time), they have faith in the people around them and their ability to see every situation through, they edify everyone who is a role model in their lives (just ask them who is the best Mommy or Daddy and they will tell you) and they will wave and smile at you for no reason whatsoever.

Try it.

Next time you are traveling, wave and smile at the kids you see and watch them wave and smile back. Imagine what your Customers would think if you waved and smiled at them for no reason.

Anyways, this young man, teenager really, was standing next to me and what he was wearing caught my eye. His shirt had something like “megadeathtoallwhopassthiswayandreadmyshirt” written all over it (or something like that), but his carry on bag said it best…

“Prepare for Doom.”

I kept thinking about that over the weekend.

And I wondered why a seemingly bright young man with his full life in front of him, would wander the planet with a message like that plastered all over his body, a personal billboard if you will.

 Did he believe the message he was broadcasting? Prepare for Doom. Really? Doom? There is no other alternative?

And that got me to thinking about getting ready for a day in the Service Department. What if your day started off with the thought “Prepare for Doom?” Would you have a good day or a bad day?

What would your Customers think if you had a “Prepare for Doom” coffee mug? Or one of those daily reminder posters prominently displayed behind your writeup area that said “Welcome to our Dealership. Prepare for Doom.” 

What would your Customer think was going to happen to them or their vehicle? Would your Customer believe that they were about to have a good Service experience or a bad Service experience?

There are many reasons why Service Departments struggle with achieving goals. Everything from old buildings that need a remodel to personnel who need a recharge. 

And by far the number one reason that Service Departments don’t achieve performance goals is because they don’t believe they can.

They have a “Doom and Gloom” outlook.

 They don’t think they can therefore they don’t. Henry Ford said it best. “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” 

And here is a little secret. This way of  thinking did not start overnight. It did not “just happen.” This type of thinking is the culmination of day after day reminders from everyone in the Dealership and acceptance that is Ok to think this way. It is a reflection of what you have faith in.

 So the question is, do you believe in Doom or do you believe in a Positively Charged Working Environment?

Here are 3 Ways you Change “Doom and Gloom” into a Positively Charged Working Environment.

  1. Smile. Smile a lot. Smile twice as much as you think you need to. Smile when you see a Customer whether you are greeting them or not. Smile at every person in your Department. Smile at the lot guy, the parts guy, the cashier lady, the sales greeter, the Customer, the Customer, the Customer. Smile at the Dealer Principal (who in many cases will stop and ask you why you are smiling as they are not used to people smiling at them), smile at the sales department, the used car manager (who will immediately become suspicious and page the Service Manager), smile at  anyone who comes within a smiling radius of several hundred feet. I travel a lot and visit a lot of Dealerships and I can tell instantly when I am about to have a good Service experience because when I walk into the door, EVERYONE SMILES AT ME!  Hey, here is a simple test. START FROWNING and see how your day goes. Bet ya a hunski that even if you think it can’t be worse…WRONG! Smiles cost nothing and mean everything to your Customers and everyone you come in contact with.
  2. Edify. Edify means “to instruct so as to improve” and comes from the latin word meaning “to build.” When we edify it brings everyone to a level of EXPECTED PERFORMANCE. And once everyone begins to see what the expectation is, they begin to live up to that expectation. Edification is simply commenting on a person in a positive manner about a positive observation. It is not necessarily a compliment although it can be. Think of it this way. A compliment is an hor d’oeuvre and an edification is the main course. It might sound like this. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones I’d like for you to meet Bob, our Service Advisor. Bob is one of the best Advisors I have ever worked with and I am 100% confident he’ll be able to take care of you and your Service needs.” Now that is a simple statement that has a lot of implied meaning. You just called Bob “one of the  best” and that you have “100% confidence” in him and his abilities. Any person would want to live up to that Expectation. Why? Because all of us like to believe we are the best and we all like to have someone else validate that thought. Especially if it’s the Boss.
  3. Review Successes Frequently. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from Dealership personnel that we train and work with the following phrase… “I only hear from the manager when I do something wrong.” Really? The only time we talk to our people is when they are screwing up? What message are sending them? That you only screw up? Reviewing recent Successes is the best thing in the world for curing low morale and the perception that “the only thing we know how to do is mess it up.” The oldest management axiom in the history of man is “Praise in Public, Critique in Private” and yet, we do neither many times causing the second oldest axiom in management to have an effect…”What the personnel don’t know, they make up and always assume the worst” which leads to…you guessed it “Doom and Gloom.” There are many ways to review recent Success. Regular brief Service meetings in which you recite recent Customer Service Successes with all personnel is one way. Reading letters from Customers aloud is another. Tracking and posting results is another. Hey, meetings don’t have to be long. They can be 5 minutes. And constantly “talking up” your personnel will go a long ways rather than constantly “talking down” your personnel.

These 3 Strategies will begin the process of changing…changing how you think and how you act. They are simple. They are straightforward. They are easily implemetable…and just as quickly forgotten. It takes time plus application of these 3 strategies to change Doom to Positive. Start your day with a smile. Find someone to edify. Review recent Success with all of your personnel. Do it today.

It becomes a Positively Charged Working Environment when you believe that it is possible.

Send an email to or  call 888-553-0100 and find out what your Dealership is capable of with a Profit Potential Analysis. You don’t know until you look.

Coaching For Professionals

Several years ago, our local golf course completed an extensive re-model and re-design.  At the dedication, Ray Floyd was the celebrity guest of honor.  At the time, Ray had been enjoying renewed success in his golfing career.  The local newspaper covered the event which included an interview.  The answer to one of the questions intrigued me, and formed the basis for this article.   The question was, “Ray, what do you contribute your recent successes to?”  Ray responded, “I hired a new swing coach and started seeing a golf psychologist.   You see, I needed to make certain I was maximizing every aspect of my game, both mental and physical!  I needed all I could get from my swing and had to make sure my head was in the right place.  These two changes helped me to improve my game and start scoring again.”

From Ray’s comments we can conclude that regardless of experience, abilities or past successes, EVERYONE can benefit from coaching, even your business.  Coaching can improve current performance and help move dealerships to their Next Level.  A third party, a coach, will see things others do not see, or things that are seen but overlooked, or worse yet, tolerated.  A coach can help efficiently maximize an organizations effort.

Many of the dealerships we visit lack structure and processesStructure is like the golf swing, you need to START correctly in order to finish up where you want. Processes relate to the mental aspect.  If a dealership has procedures that are followed as designed, the thought process becomes easier, EVERYONE does the same thing, EVERY TIME.  The only time one needs to improvise is when the situation is not clearly defined by a process.  When that happens, get help immediately.

Let’s look at each of these elements individually.  Proper structure needs to include economic balance in every aspect of your business.  Are you selling the right products, are you stocking the right merchandise?  Are your grosses in line with others in your area, region or the nation?  Are you spending more than you should to generate the sales and grosses you are currently generating?  Do you have guidelines for your new and used inventories?  Are you paying your people TOO much, or TOO little?  Are your pay plans fair to your employees as well as the dealership?   Are your goals in writing?  Did your management staff have the opportunity to give their input when establishing those goals?  How often are the goals reviewed?  The more frequent your review of your goals, the more you tend to move toward those goals.

Processes reflect the mental aspects of your business.  Everyone needs to be doing the same thing, every time.  When a customer walks on your lot, they need to be greeted in a professional and courteous manner, every time.  After the customer has been greeted, they need to be escorted to a place where the salesperson can conduct a thorough, fact finding interview, every time.  When a customer walks up to your service or parts department, they need to be handled the same way, every time.  When a salesperson sits your customer down to negotiate the deal on their new purchase, they need to follow the same process, every time.  Simplify the mental parts with processes and improve the score.  No one can be exempt,  everyone needs to follow the processes, every time.

Processes require ongoing training and discipline.  Speaking of training, who does your training, your managers, your top producers?  If they are not training, who is?  Here is a scary thought, if your sales managers or your top producers are not doing the training that means your BOTTOM producers must be handling it.  When you hire new people, what are they learning and who are they learning it from?

A Coach can help an organization with these and other opportunities.  When was the last time your dealership had a check up?  Is your business on solid ground?  How are your processes?  Are regular, ongoing training sessions being held?  Are ALL employees required to attend?  Is your dealership selling what sells, and stocking what is selling.  Are your managers involved at all levels, including forecasting?  Are your forecast and goals written?  Are the forecasts achievable?    How frequently are your forecasts reviewed?  Do you have a coach, and if not, why? 

Dugan Anderson  operates Profit Solutions, a Division of RVMax. Dugan is a former dealer and for the past 8 years has been working with RVMax and dealerships across the country, dealing with all aspects of Financial Analysis, Expense control, marketing, training and consulting.

What’s Your Plan for Increasing Sales in Fixed Operations?

“Your plan for achieving 100% Service Absorption should focus on what you are going to do differently to increase sales and gross profits. It’s not just about advertising and marketing, it’s about processes” says Don Reed, CEO of DealerPro Training Solutions.  
Increasing Sales is the one of the core functions of the Management Team. (Read Service Manager) And quite frankly, is one area that most Service Managers have difficulty doing.  
It’s not that they are not competent or capable, it’s that they have so many other duties piled on to them, that the time they allocate to increasing Sales is never enough or is sandwiched between everything else that happens in a Dealership every day. From light bulbs out in the showroom to sprinklers not working to counseling the Service Advisor who has “personal issues”, there never seems to be time to do it properly. 


If that describes you, you need a plan. And all plans are built on measurements.        
In Real Estate it is all about 3 words to Sales Success. Location, Location, Location.


In Service Management the word is Measure, Measure, Measure. 




As the Service Manager you will need to Measure how well your Advisors are performing. What do we measure? Every Service Manager looks at different things because that’s how they learned. You might be that  SM that focuses more on Profit Margins and your buddy down the street might look at HPRO. (Hours per Repair Order)  


However, if you are looking to increase Sales, your view must be very narrow and specific. The focus needs to be on how many ROs did the Advisor write and how many hours did the Advisor produce on those ROs. In other words, how EFFECTIVE is the Advisor in making Sales with the ROs that he/she wrote?   


If your Advisor wrote 11 ROs and sold 9 hours on those ROs, that would be something that would get your attention as a Service Manager. And vice versa.

If that same Advisor then writes  11 ROs and sells 35 hours, you might want to spend a little extra time with them and ask some very specific questions like “I noticed you had a great day today and I wanted to ask you what you felt was the key to your Sales Success?”

And, yes, there are ALWAYS extenuating circumstances when the Advisor is not selling…. “This Customer never buys anything” or “All I had today was LOFs” or “I don’t know what happened. I just had on off day.”  

If you are the SM, you “gotta dig,dig,dig” into what is going on with your Advisor (and ignore the excuses) because if you don’t know WHY they are not Selling you sure as heck won’t be able to Coach them to Sell more.

That’s why it is so important to measure, and when trying to diagnose why Sales are not happening, to measure the Advisors effectiveness by comparing Hours sold per RO vs how many ROs did the Advisor write. 

Now that you have dug into the numbers, you can see what Processes are not being followed.

Finding out what is wrong is only half the battle. Installing a Process that the Advisor can follow and will follow (even when the SM is not there) is the other half. 

 Here are 5 Common Reasons Advisors have difficulty Selling and the Processes they ignore. 

  1. The Advisor does not do a pre-write history check and is unaware of previous recommendations.
  2. The Advisor does not conduct a walk-a-round of the vehicle during the writeup.
  3. The Advisor does not present a menu to the Customer offering maintenance and services.
  4. The Advisor does not make recommendations to the Customer based on observations, the Customers description of concerns or from the vehicles prior history.
  5. The Advisor is uncomfortable (in some cases incapable) of making a Sales presentation to the Customer.

These 5 are responsible for more Lost Sales than any other reason in most Dealerships.   

So, now that you know WHY they are not selling, you can make a plan to address those areas of concern.

There is just one more question that you must answer first.    

How effective is the Service Manager in teaching the Advisor to Sell? 

If the SM cannot teach or coach the Advisor to Sell, then part of the Action Plan will be to bring in someone who can Train and Coach the Advisor to the next level. There is no shame in admitting this if you are the SM. There is shame in allowing poor performance and low Sales through not admitting that you need to have some help in that area. 

Not every SM has the ability to Coach or Teach someone to Sell and yet they may have expertise and ability in a completely different area that makes them a strong Manager. 

For example, you might be a Manager that is exceptionally good with the ‘Things” that go into the business, like, developing comprehensive menus or managing shop flow and capacity.

Or you might be more of a “People” manager that can’t spell “Dynamic Shop Capacity Integration” but when a Customer comes in for a LOF you can turn that into a 60K with an alignment every time. Different strengths for different people.

Here is a little tip. The mere fact that you have the title Service Manager, Service Director or General Manager does not make you an effective Trainer either.

 In fact, most times there is not enough time in a day to keep up with everything else that goes on much less carve out a 4 hour block of time for Training.    

Ok. You figured out what is wrong and now you have to start effecting a change. What do you need?  A plan.

Look through what you have measured and decide on 3 items you need to Train and Coach on.

Why 3?

If you try to do more than that, you and the Advisor will get frustrated and you will stop. You can start with the easiest or the hardest to change first, with preference to the easiest to start building confidence. It’s up to you. 

Once you have a plan, you need to set aside a specific amount of time everyday for Training and Followup.

What do you Train on? Processes, Processes and more Processes.

Success comes from Consistency.  

Do you see the difference between a Process and a “have to think about it?”

If they have to think about it, it will not get done. And when asking the Advisor why certain Processes are ignored, there will be more excuses than an oil executive testifying in front of Congress.  

If they automatically do the Process, with no questions, no “This Customers does not need a walk-a-round ’cause they were in last week”, no do it differently this time from last time…then you will have an increase in Sales. 


As Don Reed likes to say “Processes lead to Consistency. Consistency leads to Results.” 

Looking to become more Consistent in your Fixed Operations? Looking for more Results? Send an email to or call 888-553-0100. Get a Profit Potential Analysis on your Dealership. Find out how you can increase Service Sales.