For Trainers

The greatest single feeling of accomplishment you can experience as a Trainer is one where someone you are Training suddenly…Gets It.

And right in front of you… before your very eyes, there is a Change.

See, in Training, change is mostly slow, frequently subtle, hard to see and sometimes hard to measure. It requires energy, time, committment, belief, knowledge, skill, communication, background, application and mostly… Will Power.

So, when someone “Gets It” and it happens right in front of you, it is a pretty special moment. Because up until that time you have invested all of yourself on…Faith.

Nothing more.

Faith in that person. Faith in what you Teach and how you Train. Faith that if you keep trying and never give in to the naysaying, the complaints, the whining, the bitching, the negativity…then you will have that moment…that special moment that occurs only after you have given of yourself and invested in another person based solely on Faith… with the only Thought and the only Reward… a moment in time when… that person…Gets It.

So, for you Trainers out there, the ones with the skin in the game, the heart on your sleeve, the feet on the deck and the eye on the prize…Keep It Up. We are counting on you.

We are counting on you to see us for what we can Become and what we can Achieve. We are counting on you Mr. or Ms. Trainer to Push us when we think we cannot be Pushed any more, to Train us when we think we have been Trained enough, to ask us to Commit to what you are Teaching us and to hold us Accountable for what we do or do not do.

That is what we are asking of you Mr. or Ms. Trainer.

Because if you do not…who will?

And because we have Faith in you Mr. or Ms. Trainer, we will…Try.

Rest assured that we will stumble, we will procrastinate, we will regress, we will start in fits and flubs…and through it all we will be counting on you.

Counting on you to be there to guide and lead. To lead us when we want to quit and remind us what we can become. You never quit on us and that is why we look to you. Because you have Faith.

For if you give up on us, what Hope do we have? If you do not Train us, who will?

Remember that you fill a Role…the most important Role any person can have …the most Respected of all Professions a man or woman can undertake…that of one who Leads and Trains. We ask that you don’t give up on us. 

We ask that you…Try. Because we want to be the person that “Gets It” and make everything you do worthwhile.

We are counting on you.


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