When to make Hard Decisions in a Dealership

Every week I am in a Dealer and have found certain things to be true for those that are successful and those that are not.

In Dealers that are successful, they make the hard decisions.

The gather information, investigate, counsel with whom they need to and decide. Once that decision is made action is taken and the news is passed on to everyone it needs to be and implemented immediately.

In Dealers that are struggling, this process is broken.

More often than not, they make no decision.

They rely on just the bare information from one source. Little consideration given to other information sources. There is no investigation into alternatives, counsel is not sought nor asked for and decisions are delayed.

In fact, hard decisions are delayed sooooo looooonnnggg that they become superfluous and detrimental to the overall health of the Dealership.

In these broken Dealers you can count on most challenges to go unmet and unresolved. This leads to demoralization and a culture of uncaring and overall malaise.

On the other side is the Dealer that faces the challenge.

They decide on a course of action and implement it so that all of the staff know what direction is being taken, who is responsible, what roles need to be filled and who is doing what. They cultivate a culture of accomplishment, teamwork and satisfaction.

In the end, the Dealer that makes the hardest decisions quickly gets the benefit of Action!

Happier Employees, Outstanding Customer Service and Greater Gross Profit!

Send an email to lbuchholz@dealerprotraining.com for a Free Report on “How to Increase Your RO Count.” Or you can call 888-553-0100 for a Service Department Profit Evaluation. Action Gets Results!


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