Simple Answers in Fixed Operations

I think that most of you would agree that the simplest answers are typically the best answers. Generally speaking, if you can do a  simple task or test to confirm your own thinking it will be the right answer 9 times out of 10.

In Fixed Operations, this same premise holds true.

If you have an Advisor you suspect is having difficulty selling, oh I don’t know…maybe its menu sales in the service drive…and you confirm your suspicions with a simple 50 Repair Order Audit of that Advisor, then the conclusion you make based on those repair orders would be A. The Simplest and B. The Most Accurate.

Fixed Operations is like that. If you have an inkling that there is a Technician or Advisor that is having difficulty completing a proper Multi-point Inspection, it will take you all of 50 Repair Orders and an hour or two to find out if what you believe is happening …is  happening!

The Simplest Answer.

In this clip, Don Reed from DealerPro Training Solutions talks about “A Simple Test” for Managers to determine if the Technicians and Advisors are doing a correct Multi-point Inspection on every vehicle.


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