What does it mean to have Commitment in Fixed Operations?

Commitment is a word being thrown about these days from everyone and anyone, especially if they are asking for yours.

Politicians are currently asking for your vote and to be committed to their party and the party platform.

Governments are asking for your patience as they implement the newest strategy and your commitment to the vision of the “future.” (Whatever that may be)

Financial institutions are asking for a renewed commitment to paying your bills on time.

Couples are looking at each other and asking for a new commitment to the relationship even as they endure tough times.

Commitment, commitment, commitment.

 Everywhere you go these days, people are testing you, probing, waiting for any sign that you are not committed to whatever it is that they think you should be.

In Fixed Operations, commitment is a daily exercise. You have to be committed to the Customer, the Processes, the Advisors, the Technician, the Parts Department, the Sales Department and the Dealer in order to make each and everyday a successful one.

If you are not committed to a vision or a culture or goal then the end result is that you do not have Customers. Take a look around.

Service Advisors not committed to Processes? That means every Customer comes in and gets different experience. Do that enough times and you don’t have any Customers because Customers are People.

And People like Processes, Stability, Uniformity and Steadiness because it gives them a sense of Security. They want to feel like they can count on your Department, the Advisors and the Technicians.  If they know that every time they come into your Service Department they will get exactly the same experience as last time (and they liked it), they will keep coming back. And tell their friends.

Technicians not committed to completing a Multi-point Inspection? That means Customers are coming into your Service Department and leaving with a potentially unsafe vehicle.

Not to mention leaving with unsold Repairs.

Parts Department not committed to the Ordering and Followup Process? That means that not only do you have inventory on the shelf, you have inventory that can be sold immediately on the shelf! Walk back and look at the Special Order Bin. Do you see thousands of dollars of unsold Parts?

If your Fixed Operations is experiencing any of the aforementioned scenarios, perhaps you had better re-examine the Commitment Level in your Dealership.


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