The Perfect Day

Have you had a ‘Perfect Day” recently?

You know, where everything just seems to come together.

Customers seem to be in a great mood. Technicians and Parts are not arguing at the back counter. The Owner comes in and smiles at you for no particular reason.

Just a great day.

And then you ask yourself “Why isn’t everyday like today?”

I can tell you what the difference is.

Daily Goals.

When you have Written Daily Achievable Goals your day seems to come together. 

Why? Because we need to have something to work for. It is not enough to just “show up.”

Having Goals  gives you the feeling that something is moving to you and you are moving towards the Goal, and as long as you keep reaching for it, you have Hope, Faith and Strength.  

In every situation when you do not have Written  Achievable  Daily Goals  you just end up with whatever you get, whether”it” is what you wanted or not. 

Making Goals gives you control.

Take Sally Service Advisor. She has been averaging 1.2 Hours Per Repair Order and her CSI is fair. She comes to work on time, feels that she is a contributing member of the Team and overall has a general sense of belonging and accomplishment.

One day, the Dealer Principal announces that from the beginning of next month all Service Advisors need to meet a new HPRO Standard of 1.5 within 90 days and must improve their CSI score by 10 Points. 

Now Sally has a choice.

1. She could complain about how she has been a team player all along, that 1.2 HPRO was good enough before, that Customers will be scared away, that there is no way that the new standards are fair…in other words she fires up the Waaaaambulance…


2. Sally decides to get with the program. She starts upgrading her Sales and Communication Skills by reading (ahem…have you seen the blog at and completing Computer Based Training. She talks to her  Service Manager and asks for additional Training from the factory when it becomes available. She begins to ask her Customers the hard questions like “Mr. Jones, on a scale of 1-10, how was my service to you today?” and if was not a 10, she asked “Specifically, what do I need to do differently for you on your next visit Mr. Jones to earn a 10?” until she has  fine tuned her skill sets and lastly… she begins to set Daily Goals.

Not only for HPRO but also for completed Multi-point Inspections, Additional Service Requests, Appointments Sold and completed CSI Surveys.

She starts with HPRO and sets a date for being at 1.3 in 30 days, 1.4 in 60 days and finally 1.5 in 90 days. She even begins to see herself at 2.0 sometime in the near future.

She decides that she wants to be at 100% Multi-point Inspection completion rate and talks with her team. She tells them that if they can help her with getting an Inspection completed on every car, she can help them with more sold HPRO. Soon, she has complete Inspections on every vehicle.

Sally then tackles her Phone Skills and asks her Service Manager for a word track she can memorize to help her set more appointments. She soon begins to close additional appointments and her ROs per day settles at a comfortable 15 per day. 

Lastly, she decides to be better than the 10 points on CSI survey and through Customer education and asking the right questions, achieves an additional 12 points.

Something else happened to Sally. She started making more money. Her team started flagging more hours. Her production went up making her a valued and respected member of the team.  

Sally became a Superstar. She now has many “Perfect Days.”

Which one of the preceding  scenarios fit you? Complain and do nothing or decide to make a change?

Can you guess how many “Perfect Days” Sally has now? In a row? In a month? What do you think happened to Sally’s HPRO? Her CSI? Her Income?

 Having the “Perfect Day” is a choice. Here’s to you having more Perfect Days. Cheers.


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