3 Ways Service Advisors Can Speed Up Service Sales

One of the most frustrating things that Service Advisors have to deal with is the unavailability of the Customer after they have left the Dealership.

In 100% of the cases there is a series of steps the Advisor can do during the writeup and repair process to increase the chances that they will be able to contact the Customer once the vehicle has been inspected or the repairs have been completed.

Step Number One.

Get a “Pre-Approval” amount. This is amazingly easier than what you would think it would be. Why? Because the Customer wants to have the vehicle repaired the same day as much as the Advisor does.

And the easiest way to do that is for the Customer to authorize an “up to” amount. This amount is typically a figure based on what the average RO dollar amount is for your Dealership.

And it is just as simple as asking the Customer. It might sound like this.

“Mr. Jones, I have here on the Repair Order to do an oil change, check the brakes for a grinding noise and diagnose the check engine light. If I can repair all of these items for less than $250.00 dollars, do you want me to go ahead and take care of it?”

This does not mean spend the $250.00. What it means is if the repairs can be handled for $250.00 or less than the Customer is authorizing you to complete those repairs and to call him (or her) if the repairs exceed $250.00 dollars.

Step Number 2

Have the Technician do a complete and thorough Inspection and report back to the Advisor before any other repairs are completed. This will ensure that the Advisor has a complete report to share with the Customer and advise them on any needed repairs before the vehicle comes off the rack.

Step Number 3

Verify the Customers Information.

Now you would think that this would be a “no brainer.”

And every day in a Dealership a Customer is being written up right now and the Advisor is not asking the Customer “Is the information listed here correct?” while pointing to the address and telephone number on the RO.

Or asking “What is the best way to reach you today?” and “Is there another number or email that I can use if I don’t have any success reaching you on the primary number?”

If you are a Service Advisor and you want to increase Service Sales, why would you not ask for a telephone number and email address? It makes no sense not to ask. Service Advisors are in the Communication Business and the first rule is “Know How To Contact Your Customer!”

These 3 Simple Steps will Speed Up your ability to contact your Customer and make more Service Sales.

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