DealerPro Announces Phone Training Schedule For 2011

Once in a while a great deal comes along. Your friend has tickets to the game at half price…you find the golf clubs you want on sale at 40% off…the caterer for your daughters wedding throws in two bottles of champagne for the wedding party… great deals come in all shapes and sizes.

This is a great deal.

DealerPro Training Solutions is sponsoring 10 Training Sessions covering topics ranging from Increasing Your Service Absorption to Overcoming Objections starting January 5th, 2011!

All you need is a phone and a workbook…the seminars are FREE! It’s simple to register! Just send an email to so we can send you the password for the workbook.

It’s That Easy!

Each Training Session will last approximately 1 hour with a rebroadcast later in the day. These seminars are for Dealership Management Personnel, Fixed Operations Personnel, Service Advisors, Parts Advisors and anyone that has a Customer Service role in your Dealership.

All of the material is from DealerPro Training Solutions extensive Training Library and includes our most popular  subjects from Training Manuals, Articles written by Don Reed the CEO of DealerPro Training Solutions, DealerProVT, Blog Posts and other Training Modules.

And the best thing is…it’s FREE!

Just send an email to so we can send you the workbook password and seminar schedule. We will do all the rest! All you have to do is call in on the designated day, listen, complete the workbook and implement the Training!

Of course, DealerPro is ready to help should you need or want additional Fixed Operations Training. You can tell us about that at your convenience. We are a full service Fixed Operations Training Provider and NADA University Partner. Go to or for more information about us.

If you miss the start time, don’t worry! We will rebroadcast the seminar later in the day.

Send an email to and get signed up!


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