A recent Fixed Operations Study and what it reveals about Service Sales, Profitability and more…

Recent studies show that Service Advisors that hand out menus during the write up process experience an increase in Customer Maintenance Sales. The study also shows that this corresponds to an increase in the Service Advisors pay.

These recent studies also show that Technicians that completed a Multipoint Inspection on every vehicle flagged more hours than Technicians who did not. An interesting side note to the study, Technicians who completed the most Multipoint Inspections made the most money.

Furthermore, the study revealed that Professionally Trained Advisors had higher CSI Scores than Advisors who received little or no Training at all. In fact, during the study, Customers preferred talking to a monkey rather than an Un-Trained Un-Professional Service Advisor by a margin of 5-1. (Note; no monkeys were harmed in the study and were paid in peanuts for their participation, same as the Un-Trained Advisors)

Customers  also preferred to have their vehicles repaired in one visit rather than having to return to the Dealership for repairs later due to an Un-Trained Un-Professional Advisor not being able to reach them during the day to complete the repair process. The Advisors who asked for a Pre-Authorized Repair Amount out serviced and outperformed the monkeys…er…Un-Advisors by a margin of 100%.

Additionally, Dealerships with Trained Professional Advisors had higher Gross Profit amounts than other Dealers who have monkeys… er…Un-Advisors.  This was not too surprising to the Professional Advisors and Service Personnel but came as a shock to the monkeys…er…Un-Advisors who blamed the results on “demanding customers and high management expectations.”

One other aspect the study revealed was that Dealers who increased their Gross Profit had a Net Profit Increase as well. And interestingly enough, those same Dealers had an increase in Service Absorption.  And the most telling aspect of the study revealed that Dealers that had an Increase in Gross Profit, Net Profit and Service Absorption stayed in business longer than those who did not.

One final note on this recent study…all of the Dealers that had monkeys…er…Un-Advisors working in the Service Department have closed.


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