Hater or Creator?

It has been said that “the world is divided into haters and

Creators are people who believe in themselves and their ability to find solutions and act on them to Create whatever it is they desire in every aspect of their lives.

The first step to becoming a Creator is embracing the role of being a Creator because you will soon find yourself besieged by Haters.

So, how do we become Creators?

Creators are people who decide which direction they are going and then they take the first step.

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Creators
are different than Haters because they are “first steppers.” They use this first step as an act of ….Faith.

Faith in themselves and the tools they possess.  (read Attitude, Skills, Knowledge) This Faith comes from the belief that the actions they take will result in a desirable outcome of ther own choosing.

Creators then mold and pull and add and push and turn and
twist to keep moving forward no matter the circumstances.

A Creator in the act of creating rarely questions the material given to him or her.

No doubt, they seek the best material, but in the end, they still accomplish what they set out to do with what they have.

Creators are people who others want to follow. It’s a natural instinct all people have. When someone is in the act of Creating and there is Leadership, Pride and  a Sense of Accomplishment, everyone wants to be close to the person who is responsible.

Who wouldn’t?


Haters question everything and everybody. They have little
belief in themselves and thereby want to control an outcome by proxy.

They know that if anything anyone is trying to accomplish turns out bad, they can stand on one side, and point their finger while saying “I told you so, I told you so.”

Haters would rather tell you and everyone in earshot why
it is dangerous to do anything new, when they tried something new something bad happened to them, how many times they had something bad happen to them, how many times they have seen others have something bad happen to them, etc…

They use this to create a feeling of control over themselves and others while never realizing that they gave up control when they decided to stand and watch
instead of Create and Take Action.

Haters are out to prove themselves right and everybody else
is wrong. They spend more time deciding how the world should run if they were
in charge and yet take no charge of their own world. Life is what happens to them.

There is not one spark of Creation anywhere.

So, at the end of it all, will you be remembered as a
Hater or a Creator?


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