The one word every Advisor needs to hear…

There is one word every Service Advisor needs to hear.

This word is the key to their future…whether they become a top-notch superstar a middle of the road average Joe or a washout…they need this word.

It defines greatness as well as highlights deficiencies.

The word is…No.

Since our company trains in Dealerships all over the country, we are exposed to every possible Service Advisor imaginable.

From the greenpea who is day one in a new job to the old dog who knows every customer who has come in for the past 5 years!

And in the Seattle area there is a Service Advisor named Chad who became a believer in the word No!

Chad was new to the Service Advisor business at that time. He did not come from an automotive background, unless you count driving a car, and he had no  special skills. And he does not come to work wearing a cape nor does he possess the ability to see through concrete.

When we first started training in Chad’s store and introduced Professional  Selling Skills, Chad was skeptical just like everybody else.

After being trained on the 12 Step Process and ASR Presentation Skills he went back to work in the service drive. At first, he did some of the 12 Step Write-up processes some of the time and followed the ASR Presentation process sometimes… and just like everybody else, he got what you might expect…some results.

But Chad was a little different.

He understood the value in presenting all of the recommended repairs and maintenance to the customers but didn’t always follow through. Like many other Advisors, he didn’t want to seem “pushy” or “sell them something they didn’t need.”

And he didn’t like the word No.

What changed for Chad is referred to as a paradigm shift. His view of “what it means to be a Service Advisor” became radically different when he realized that his customers were having repairs done someplace else even though he had made the recommendations.

And other customers were coming in with the maintenances on their vehicle up to date because it was being completed by other shops…his competition! He realized he was getting all of the “leftovers” and the “warranty work.”

This is commonly referred to as “someone is eating your lunch.” It means  someone else gets to enjoy the fruits of your work without having to do anything for it.

He asked himself “Why are my customers leaving my Service Department  without having the work their vehicle needs completed right here at my Dealership?”

And then it hit him…it was because he NEVER ASKED! And more importantly, he realized he was afraid to ask!

He made up his mind that his customers were going to be serviced at his Dealership! He started believing that the recommendations he was making were helpful to the customer in maintaining their vehicle and actually saved them money!

And he became a fan of the word No.

He started presenting recommended services…and repair recommendations …and started reminding his customers that “just change my oil” was not really maintaining the vehicle and in the beginning he heard a No a lot. In fact, if you ask him, he will tell you that he almost gave up!

But he had decided that in order to be successful as an Advisor he needed to learn how to sell. And so, he heard even more No’s.

And in his mind he decided that every No was a good thing because that led the next YES!

And because he stuck with it…more and more No’s came his way… and still Chad kept going… and going… until finally one day…he started getting YES.

And soon the amount of YES’es doubled the N0’s.

Can you guess what happened to Chad’s HPRO?

Yep…it doubled… in fact…he became the number one Service Advisor in his store. Can you guess what happened to his income?

Yep…it nearly doubled as well.

Chad is still happily employed at that same Dealership…can you guess how his CSI is? Yep…it’s better too!

All of us like to deal with a Trained Professional…someone who can guide us and help us make the right decision based on our needs and wants. Know what else is true?

We will gladly pay for it…and in some cases pay even more. It’s because we all like to be taken care of.

Want to be succesful as a Service Advisor?

Be like Chad.

Get more No’s!


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