What do you pay attention to?

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What do you pay attention to?

In case you are new to Fixed Ops, we are “results driven.”

There is nothing that we do that is not measured, quantified, compared, sifted through, arm chaired, discussed, metered, broken down, dissected, eyeballed or  run up the flagpole.

Everything we do is subject to verification. Professionally run Fixed Operation Departments know, live, love  this.

And what they pay the most attention to  is “The Customer.”

None of what you do or measure really matters except to the person it matters to the most… and that is the person whose name is at the bottom of the check… I give you “Mr. and Ms. Customer.”

If your results don’t agree with “The Customer,” they’ll tell you.

By leaving and never coming back.

And some of you will say “Look, I’ve got the numbers up, what more do you want?” and “Good riddance, they were bad Customers anyways” or even “It’s about time.”

In our “in your face” society this might seem ok. You can survive a few defections, a few “bad apples” finding a new Dealership to get their Service work done elsewhere, right?

And I say, “If that is your attitude, I suggest you start looking for a new line of work my friend, because you don’t fire the Customer, they fire YOU!”

The “results” we seek are paying Customers coming into our Service Department to have Maintenance and Service work completed on their vehicle and then PAYING US for said Service!

Here are ten questions we need to continually ask ourselves to see if we are paying attention to the right results.

Am I getting repeat business from past Customers?

For you Service Advisors, Am I  getting repeat business from Customers who ask for me by name?

Am I getting referrals from my Customers without asking for them?

Am I providing solutions to problems or am I a problem?

Am I focused on helping my Customers?

Am I giving the Customer everything they asked for… and a little bit more?

Am I taking action or being acted upon?

Am I keeping the Best Interests of the Customer in mind?

Is my Service Department a place I would like to do business with?

For Service Advisors, Am I a person I would like to do business with?

Am I giving all I can each and every day?

Am I able to look in the mirror and say “I did my best today”?

Did you answer all of these with a “Yes” answer? If not, what results are you paying attention to?

More importantly, what are your Customers saying to you?

Pay attention to the results that matter most. Your Customer will tell you.


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