Why would you need something “new”?

The Business Process Management Life-Cycle

The Business Process Management Life-Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nearly every week someone says “What’s new?” in the Fixed Ops Training world as if there is something wrong with what works.

And every week, the answer is the same. When it comes to Fixed Ops Training, Coaching and Mentoring…”Not much.”

Oh to be sure, there are “new” things in Fixed Ops every day.

There are at least a zillion ways to keep in contact with the Customer. And there must be a bazillion CRM companies that can manage a “lost souls”campaign. And, yes, there are several manufacturers that have launched in-Dealership Training programs.

But “new” Fixed Ops Processes, “new” Fixed Ops Training, “new” Fixed Ops Coaching…not much is new. Why?

Why do you need something “new?”

What would “new” do for you that “tried and true” does not?


And the reason why is most of the time we don’t use what he have available! Try asking yourself these questions and see if you still need something “new.”

1. Do you have a Daily Monitoring Process for your Service Advisors, Technicians and Managers?

2. Do you Counsel and Coach (hold your people Accountable) for those Daily results?

3. Do you spend at least an hour in the Service Drive every day?

4. When was the last time you listened to your Advisors/Parts Counter take a Customer phone call?

5. Are all of your Personnel aware of Stated Goals for the Dealership/Department?

So, if you answered No to these, why would you need something “new?”


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