It’s been 60 days.

Picture I made for my goals article

Picture I made for my goals article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been 60 days.

You had every intention of making changes and doing something different. You had all of the information gathered and cataloged. You even made a list of all of the Managers and their responsibilities and revised their Goals based on the information and training you were about to provide them.

You were ready for Success! You had new expectations! You were ready to accomplish new Goals.

You were ready to reap the benefits of attending the NADA Convention. There was MONEY to be made and you and your Dealership were ready to MAKE it!

What happened?

It’s been 60 days.

What changes have been effected? What new Training has occurred? How have your expectations been met? What new Goals have been accomplished? How much more MONEY have you made?

If you are like a lot of people…the answer is None.  Nothing has changed.

The new material you took the time to gather that leads to Training that leads to new processes that leads to new habits that leads to accomplishing new Goals has been “short circuited” like a downed power line in a swimming pool.


There are a million reasons it didn’t happen. With all due respect, none of them matter right now. It’s what you do from this moment forward that makes the difference.

Go get the material, get the vendors names phone number and web addresses, call who you need to call, get lined up what you need to get lined up, get your Managers in the room, and start making changes.

Start the meeting with your expectations; end the meeting with NEW GOALS!

It’s been 60 days.

Don’t make it another 60 days until something happens.


4 responses to “It’s been 60 days.

  1. I can feel the “big mo” building already!

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