Original or Commodity-part 2

Most consumers have lumped “service”, whether you are a dealer or an independent repair facility, as a commodity. Which means you compete in a market with everyone else even though the market is not a level playing field.

Customer relationship

Customer relationship (Photo credit: Claudio Cicali)

How do you distinguish yourself from everyone else? How do you stand above the rest?

By providing an experience that the customer can’t stop talking about.

While advertising, facility, market position, location, etc. all have a role in the overall service business development and retention strategy, when the customer comes into the service drive, they still need to talk to someone.

And that “someone” in your dealership is the experience.

When your customer needs to have service on their car they think back and remember what happened the last time they took the vehicle in for service and they form an opinion and make a decision.

So the question is, are your personnel providing the level of service that a customer would remember? Would your customer form a favorable opinion of your service department and their experience? Would they make a decision to come to your service drive? Are you the service department they can’t stop talking about?

When you compete as a commodity, you never see the customer because they pass 6 other repair facilities on the way over to your dealership. In their mind they can get the same level of service there as they could anywhere else.

Distinguish yourself from the rest by having the most professional personnel trained to provide the highest level of service and you will be above the commodity crowd.


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