The Truth of Discipline

The dictionary tells us that discipline is ” a system of rules or training that develops self control.”

What it does not tell us is that there is a reward for having discipline and the ability to start something and see it through.

There are physical results we can see all around us. Examples include the Great Wall in China, the Pyramids and the Mayan Civilization. And there are examples of what humans can do for themselves and their fellow man/woman as well. Great people who became greater through discipline.

Great Wall of China near Jinshanling Polski: W...

Great Wall of China near Jinshanling Polski: Wielki Mur Chiński w okolicy Jinshanling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might even have one or two of those people in your life, past or present. I can tell you who one of mine is right now and it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen him last. My instructor at the SNCO academy, Gysgt. Thunder.

The point is that each of these great accomplishments and the great people you meet are the result of a simple formula.

Directed thought followed by planned action applied over time.

It is the heart of discipline. It is doing something until its finished or can’t be done any more. This is essentially the formula for a great life as well as accomplishing great things.

You are the result of the very same thought process that brought about the previous examples. You are the living result of directed thought followed by planned action applied over time. This is the “life formula” that got you where you are today and for making anything you want.

Now some of you are a little skeptical. You might even be saying something like “Hey, I didn’t plan this, I didn’t plan anything and that’s the way I roll. You can’t plan everything anyways. Life just happens.”

I get it, no problem. Just realize that the formula is still in effect. Let me break it down for you.

Your statement is a direct thought (“I won’t plan anything and play the cards as they lay”) followed by planned action (“I won’t take any action at all”)  applied over time (“I’ll get around to getting on with my life as soon as I feel like it”). Mix it all together and you have a result.

It is…well…the key to your universe. You cannot beat the formula. Whether or not you do something or not, that thought applied over a period of time will get a result. That’s the nature of discipline.

Just so you know, there is another thing you can do. You can use this formula over and over again to bring anything you want to you. Directed thought followed by planned action applied over time.

And there are some variables which you can control.

1st. You choose the thought which you would like to direct. So, choose the best ones.
2nd. You choose the plan. Which means you’ll want to learn to plan for the best results.
3rd. You choose how long you want to take to complete it. It can be sooner or later.

And lastly, you can choose to put a sign on your door to results that says “do not disturb.” Just understand that the formula is still in play. Your non-use of this formula results in unplanned actions followed by somebody else’s discipline applied against you over time.

The good news. You can do what you set out to do with directed thought, planned actions and time.


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