The difference is paper-thin

“The difference between genius and insanity is paper-thin.” Old Japanese proverb.

There is an inherent truth in that statement. How many times have you said to yourself “That’s crazy!” about something someone did only to find out later that it wasn’t really crazy at all and in fact was genius.

Those Dealerships that are Profitable in their Fixed Ops are not that different from those Dealers that are not Profitable. It’s paper thin actually.

There are hundreds of things you can do but there are 3 that will make an impact almost immediately. 

First, get committed to making a change. The Dealerships that are Profitable in Fixed Ops decided that what they were doing was not working. They looked at the results they were achieving and realized it did not meet their expectations.

That is a crucial first Action Step. Make a Commitment to Making a Change. Nothing will happen and nothing will change without this first step.

Second, they got Training. Yes, I am employed by a Fixed Ops Training company. Yes, I come from a background that includes providing Seminars and Training to companies all across the country. Yes, I am biased.  But I’m not wrong.

You can’t argue with results. Every Successful Organization on the Planet we live on has a Training Program. You are a product of Training. Whether it’s a formal education or school of hard knocks, you have been Trained. Your Success to this point can be traced to the Training you received along the way.

Fixed Operation Department Personnel that have been Trained will outperform and out sell an untrained Department every time, no exceptions.

Third, they monitor for results and Coach on performance daily.  And you know what? The employees in that Dealership expect it. They want to know how they are doing. They want the feedback.

The difference between Profitability and Profit Loss is paper-thin. Start by doing these 3 Action Steps and get results.


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