Make Your Next Coaching Session Memorable and Powerful

Every Coaching session can be effective if you follow certain steps to improve your chances of a Successful outcome.Be Specific and Get Results!

There is one word that is critical in determining the outcomes. That word is “Specific.” There is an old saying that goes like this. “The more specific you are the better your results” and it applies to everything.

Want to improve your Communications? Be Specific.

Want to have greater Results in everything you do? Be Specific.

Want to achieve more Goals and be more Productive? Be Specific.

When conducting Coaching sessions, the same rule applies.  Here are three tips you can use to make your Coaching sessions memorable and powerful.

1st, Be Specific. Which means you Mr./Ms. Coach need to be an excellent observer and note taker long before a Coaching session begins. You will want to write down Specific Actions and Behaviors you observe the person you are Coaching so that you can describe them accurately in your Coaching session.

Coaching sessions that do not start out with Specific Actions and Behaviors soon turn into cry fests, pity parties and he said/she said “No I did not” unproductive meetings that do nothing to encourage or correct Actions and Behaviors.

2nd, you will need to have a Specific Goal for the Coaching session’s outcome. If you want Sally Service Advisor to improve her phone answering skills and increase the number of appointments she makes on a daily basis, then that is the basis for a Coaching session Goal. You will need to fill in the Specifics to complete┬áthe picture.

And lastly, no Coaching session is complete without a firm follow-up date to go over results and progress. If you fail to follow-up the message you send to the person you are Coaching is “Coaching sessions are not that important.” Everybody likes to feel that the Coach is interested in their progress and they want to tell you of their accomplishments. Set a firm date to let that happen.

Coaching sessions can be powerful tools to increase performance and build team synergy. Be Specific, Be Specific, Be Specific.


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