What 3 Components Do You Need To Succeed In The Car Biz? ASK And You Shall Receive!

Communication Skills Lab

Communication Skills Lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s right! There are  3 Components you need to Succeed in the Car Biz!


A strong Attitude will get you through the day even though you may feel like giving up. Attitude smooths out the ups and downs of a not so normal day and enhances a great day! With a great Attitude you can complete all of your tasks in a friendly and helpful manner.  The benefit to you…HAPPY CUSTOMERS! Your Attitude makes their day better!

Don’t believe me? Just walk around all day with a frown, growl and use one word answers and exhibit aggressive or apathetic body language and facial expressions and see if you don’t have a meeting with your Manager at the end of the day…if they are paying attention.

Better yet, have a meeting with Grandma Jones and the Manager because you had a case of retinal crapitus. That sounds like a great way to end the day, wouldn’t you agree?

Attitude can be fickle without proper maintenance. It requires adjustment from time to time much as a car requires a tune up and oil change. It needs to be fed  good material just like a good meal nourishes the body. Reading and listening to positive examples is the way to do it. Anyone can build a good Attitude with the proper material.

Start with the classics like Earl Nightengale, Drucker, and the like. Then you can plug in the more recent authors like Covey, Gitomer, Rackham, Ziglar, Cardone, Anderson. The point is to start reading and feeding your new Attitude!

The second item you possess free and clear is your SKILL SET!

These days an effective Skill Set will include assertive communication skills, dynamic listening skills, anger management skills, organization skills and creative thinking skills. All of these are necessary to complete everyday tasks in the modern Service Department and compete with the competition.

You can start developing your Skill Set the same way you develop your Attitude, by reading and listening. Practically every vehicle made today has a cd player or mp3 connection. Turn your vehicle into a rolling university. It’s the best quiet time we have during the day normally!

You can purchase cd sets on all of the above mentioned topics and a lot more at several websites or your local book store.

Start with an area you feel you need a little help in. You will gain a whole new view and way of looking at things just by gaining the confidence in your new skill or refreshing an old one. Keep working your way through communication and listening skills. Soon, you’ll have the confidence and skill level you need to Excel in the Service Drive!

Lastly, you’ll need to increase your Knowledge!

In the car business, this would seem to be an easy thing to do. Every year the new models come out and the factory starts pumping up the Sales Department with tons of material on models, warranty, etc. Hey, Mr. and Ms. Service Advisor, if the Knowledge is good for Sales it must be good for you too!

There are other ways. Take a class, sign up for an online Training Program, get a   new Process for write-ups…start increasing your Knowledge!

And, Oh, by the way, you can try and “do it all at once” or just do it the same way you learned everything so far…a little at a time. Just be consistent.

These 3 Key Components of Success will set you up to make more, do more and be more in your day. Start with your ASK and pretty soon you will be on the Receiving end of everything you want.


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