Why “Old School” Communication is the new “Class Dismissed”

Fierce Leadership (Sketchnotes)

Fierce Leadership (Sketchnotes) (Photo credit: murdocke23)

Clearly there is a huge gap between what “we” (old school) managers and Leaders consider useful and proper communication, ¬†motivation and Leadership¬†techniques and what the “new” generation responds to.

There is a choice to be made.
A. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep getting the same results while expecting a different outcome.
B. Do something different.

In this business “transitional people” are a given. We attract people because we are the largest OJT training industry on the planet. ANYBODY can work in the Car Biz because we accept everybody.

The only people we reject (and that’s not a given either) is the people who cannot pass the smog test or background check…but I can guarantee you this…nearly half if not more reading these words do neither when hiring. It’s not an accusation or condemnation…it’s just the way it is.

So, having to deal with a generation who does not respond the same way, think the same way and act the same way should be no real surprise. What is a surprise is how much “old school” wants to hold on to the familiar and safe ways of management and Leadership style rather than adapting and overcoming this communication and Leadership gap.

Do we hold them to established Dealership standards of conduct? Yes
Do we hold them accountable to established performance goals? Yes
Do we expect professional behavior while on the job? Yes
Do we monitor and coach on a regular (daily) basis? Yes

HOW we communicate those standards of behavior and professionalism is where we need to to grow. HOW we hire and train is where we need to change. HOW we grow our own pool of qualified and professional people is HOW we overcome the challenge of finding qualified people.

This generation, like any other generation, still wants to Succeed. Just not in the manner we have defined Success! Identify and qualify that definition and you will have the employee you want and an employee you can count in in the future.

Keep applying “Old School” Communication and Leadership techniques and it will be “Class Dismissed”.


2 responses to “Why “Old School” Communication is the new “Class Dismissed”

  1. Even more surprising is how few companies actually use accountability as it relates to performance standards. Instead of developing/improving/replacing the problem employee, companies often accept mediocrity ~ why hassle with training someone new?

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