The 3 Essential Elements to every GREAT Coaching Session

Here are the 3 Essential Elements every Great Coaching session has! Image

The first Essential Element is a specific Goal you want to achieve from conducting the Coaching session. It can be anything as long as it is specific. Be clear and concise. In fact, the best Coaching sessions are itemized right down to the start and finish times.

Why is this important?

If you are not specific about what you want to change you will find it very difficult to hold people accountable once the Coaching ends and the real work begins.

A great Coach is an excellent observer of how people do things. They are specific when making their observations. They will write down dates, times, the Customers name, what was said…anything they consider important to developing a Coaching plan of Action.

Then, when they have their notes, they describe in detail what they observed and begin the process of deciding how they are going to say it to the person they are Coaching.

By the way, these Coaching sessions are the formal sessions, not the informal “I just noticed ___________ happening” every day moments that Managers and Leaders conduct all the time.

So a Coaching session should begin like this. “At the end of this session I want you to understand how to properly answer the phone and make an appointment when the Customer asks “How much does it cost to __________” on a consistent basis.”

Notice how detailed and specific the Coach has written the Goals for this Coaching session. The more specific you are, the greater your chance of Success!

Secondly, a Great Coaching session is an opportunity to Train. It requires some planning on your part. What Training materials do you want to use? Do you have a script/manual/policy that you can use?

Is there a website with the material on it? Do you have a computer based platform (like DealerPro VT) you can use to demonstrate what you are talking about?

It is extremely important that you decide what you are going to use ahead of time and not try and throw something together while you are talking.

Nothing says “This is really not that important” to an employee more than being unprepared to guide them and Coach them after you have begun the session.

Lastly, have a follow up date. All Great Coaching sessions are continuous.

By having a firm date for review, you tell the person you are coaching how important this is to you and the Dealership. It also gives the employee a sense of value.

They won’t believe that their Success is a priority to you unless you demonstrate it to them. These 3 Essential Elements are the key to your Coaching Success! Follow them to increase employee motivation, desire to perform and watch your results soar!

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By Leonard Buchholz


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