About Us

We are a Fixed Operations Training Company. We  have trained Automotive, Motorcycle and RV Dealers all across North America using our Processes, Training and Coaching along with the Dealership’s Commitment to increase Service Absorption, Gross Profit and CSI.

Our typical Dealer realizes a 30-40% (or more in some cases) increase  in Gross Profit from the previous year. What would it mean to your Dealership to have an increase like that?

We have been in operation since 2000 and have worked with over 900 Dealerships and Organizations like AutoNation, Subaru, Detroit Dealers Association, St Louis AutoDealers Association, Chrysler, Vertu Motors plc, Honda and more.

We have Trained in Dealerships as small as a 2 person Service and Parts Department to mega stores with 15 Service Advisors. To us, it’s not the size of the store, but the desire for results that matters.

We know our Trainers are the best in the business with the average length of service time over 20 years and every one of them with the title “Service Manager” in their history. Many of them have been Parts Managers, Fixed Operations Directors and GMs. Some have been Dealer Principals like Don Reed, our CEO.

Our Service Solutions Training and Processes along with our Trainers are the reason our clients enjoy an average increase somewhere between 30-40% in Gross Profit along with an increase in Service Absorption and CSI.  That is no easy feat in today’s market.

We believe every Dealership can achieve 100% Service Absorption using our Processes, Training and Coaching to achieve maximum results.

In fact we have even have a club of Dealerships that we call the “200k  Club.” This club is for Dealers that achieve an increase of $200,000.00 in Gross Profit in one year using our Processes and Training.

We are looking for new members.

Let me ask you Mr./Ms. Dealer, how would your life be different with an additional $200k in Gross Profit?

With Aftermarket Repair Facilities growing at an all time high, our Dealers are keeping their Customers by having Trained Service Personnel rather than “just anybody.” We both know that a Professionally  Trained Service Advisor will outsell and out service poorly a Trained Service Advisor every time.

No exceptions.

Want to find out how to become a member of the 200K Club? Why not contact us for a Profit Potential Analysis and find out how you can qualify!

There are several ways to get started. Send an email to info@dealerprotraining.com, call us at 888-553-0100 or go to our website at www.dealerprotraining.com.

Let’s get you started making the Profits you deserve!


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