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DealerPro Training Solutions announces new Training Center Grand Opening

DealerPro Training is proud to announce the grand opening of the new DealerPro Training Center in Gahanna Ohio. This is  part of the growing Don Reed Training Network.

At this center you can expect Professional Training for Service Advisors, Service Managers, Fixed Operations Directors and General Managers. You can get the best in Automotive Professional Training available in the United States at the Don Reed Training Center. Course content includes Service Advisor Sales Training, Service Management Sales Training, Profit Building for Fixed Operations, Maximizing Marketing Dollars, Professional Communication Skills, to name a few.

Course content is constantly updated and packed full of Action Steps that every attendee will take back to the dealership and implement right away! Training that is implemented as fast as possible creates positive change that sticks and results in increased Performance!

Call the office at 888-553-0100 for more info or send an email to with the words Training Center in the subject line.


Where does Repair Order Count attrition start? On the Telephone of course!

With the emphasis on increasing RO count through the manufacturer’s initiatives in regards to Quick Lube, Express Service, Fast Oil Change or whatever you call the 30 minute oil change in your Dealership, you would think that RO counts would be going up.

In some instances, yes they are. There is no doubt that these programs have resulted in more traffic into some stores in some cases.

But, in many stores, even with the advent of the “30 Minute Oil Change” marketing push and Free Maintenance, RO counts are going down.


Because Mr. and Ms. Advisor still answer the phone that same way they did last year…and the year before that… and the year before that.

Advisor “Hello, this is ABC Motors, can I help ya?”

Customer “I’m having a problem with my ’07 wagonmaster. It makes a funny noise when I start it up in the morning.”

Advisor “Yep, I’ve heard that one before. It’s probably the flutenator valve.”

Customer “Flutenator valve, huh. It sounds expensive. How much to repair it?”

Advisor “It’s depends on what type your wagonmaster had originally installed. Sometimes the whole rocket box assembly has to be replaced as well. Basically, if you don’t need it re-chromium plated, it’ll run ya about $395.00 installed.”

Customer “$395.00…I’ll have to think about it. I wasn’t expecting it to be so much.”

Advisor “Well, I’m not supposed to do this…but we have a coupon for 15% off right now for any repair. I have an extra one in my desk if you want it. Please don’t tell my boss that I gave it to you. Just come in and ask for me, Dumbass Dan.”

Customer “Ok, I’ll think about it.”

Advisor “Ok. Thanks for calling.”

I conduct in dealership live phone calls all the time. It’s part of our process when we are doing an evaluation. In the past 4 years, I can count on one hand how many times an Advisor came close to what would be considered a “professional telephone call” (by any standard you choose to use)  in which the Advisor guides the call and the customer to actually making an appointment.

Which, by the way, is the only reason for the Advisor to answer the phone… to make an appointment!

I have never met an Advisor whose last name is Google, but all day long they answer the phone and give out information and pricing and advice and coupons and everything else under the sun!!!!… without actually SELLING THE APPOINTMENT.

In addition to having poor to non-existing phone skills, the Service Departments themselves have a hard time dealing with an influx on customers who come in on the promise of a quick oil change by trained professionals and yet experience a long drawn out wait peppered with bad tv shows, loud pages over the intercom (yes, it still happens every day), and little to no information as to what their vehicle needs in order to maintain it in a safe and reliable condition.

“I have identified the enemy and it is us.”"I've identified the enemy..."

Want a better customer experience? Want more RO count? Want to capitalize on the marketing the manufacturer has pushed (not to mention your own efforts)? Then you need phone and communication skills to match your expectations.

Not training your Advisors is a choice.

by Leonard Buchholz

Where does Service Sales failure start? In the Service Drive of course!

In every dealership that I visit that is struggling with increasing Sales per Repair Order, performing a walkaround  is the area that the Advisors do not do well, if at all.

Recently, I was observing a service drive when a customer pulled up in a car and the advisor looked up from the desk and and said “Oh, look…she is just sitting there.” And for the next 3-5 minutes, the advisor sat at her workstation and waited…until the customer got out of the car and made her way into the service reception area. The advisor did not get up and go outside to greet the customer, make them feel welcome or offer any assistance. Is there any wonder why this store is struggling with increasing service sales and declining RO count?

We have all been customers in dealerships, repair centers, restaurants, cleaners, hotels… you name it…and there is nothing like a customer service person who gets it…from the initial greeting all the way through the final payment. And like many of you…I spend more money when I am taken care of.

Treat me like a number…give me grunts in response to questions…don’t use common courtesy…be in a hurry to get rid of me…don’t explain the process and expect me to guess what is happening next…and make me feel like an interruption to your day…is there any wonder why some Advisors (and Dealerships) struggle? I wouldn’t spend any money there and neither would you.

A walkaround is the very first tool in every Advisors toolbox to start building the relationship and introducing the customer to the maintenance and repair process. Without it, the customer might as well be at the DMV or the TSA line at the airport or the checkout line in the supermarket. It’s all the same until the person delivering the service decides to do the right thing.

And that is the fundamental difference between the checkout line and the service drive… one caring professional human.

by Leonard Buchholz

The 3 Essential Elements to every GREAT Coaching Session

Here are the 3 Essential Elements every Great Coaching session has! Image

The first Essential Element is a specific Goal you want to achieve from conducting the Coaching session. It can be anything as long as it is specific. Be clear and concise. In fact, the best Coaching sessions are itemized right down to the start and finish times.

Why is this important?

If you are not specific about what you want to change you will find it very difficult to hold people accountable once the Coaching ends and the real work begins.

A great Coach is an excellent observer of how people do things. They are specific when making their observations. They will write down dates, times, the Customers name, what was said…anything they consider important to developing a Coaching plan of Action.

Then, when they have their notes, they describe in detail what they observed and begin the process of deciding how they are going to say it to the person they are Coaching.

By the way, these Coaching sessions are the formal sessions, not the informal “I just noticed ___________ happening” every day moments that Managers and Leaders conduct all the time.

So a Coaching session should begin like this. “At the end of this session I want you to understand how to properly answer the phone and make an appointment when the Customer asks “How much does it cost to __________” on a consistent basis.”

Notice how detailed and specific the Coach has written the Goals for this Coaching session. The more specific you are, the greater your chance of Success!

Secondly, a Great Coaching session is an opportunity to Train. It requires some planning on your part. What Training materials do you want to use? Do you have a script/manual/policy that you can use?

Is there a website with the material on it? Do you have a computer based platform (like DealerPro VT) you can use to demonstrate what you are talking about?

It is extremely important that you decide what you are going to use ahead of time and not try and throw something together while you are talking.

Nothing says “This is really not that important” to an employee more than being unprepared to guide them and Coach them after you have begun the session.

Lastly, have a follow up date. All Great Coaching sessions are continuous.

By having a firm date for review, you tell the person you are coaching how important this is to you and the Dealership. It also gives the employee a sense of value.

They won’t believe that their Success is a priority to you unless you demonstrate it to them. These 3 Essential Elements are the key to your Coaching Success! Follow them to increase employee motivation, desire to perform and watch your results soar!

Need more Training sources? Is your Team in need of a “Fixed Ops Coaching Session?”

Go to for more information.



By Leonard Buchholz

Training Like You Want It, Like You Need It!


8 Profit Building Workshops, 2 Profit Building Days

                    Dealers – General Managers – Fixed Ops Directors – Service Managers

Here’s What You Get:

Train To WIN Workshop Schedule / Titles

Day 1

8:30-10:30          “The Four Essentials to Achieving 100% Service Absorption”

10:45-12:00    “Converting Service Leads to Sold Services”

1:00- 3:00    “The Power of Quick Lube Operations”

3:15-5:00    “Managing the Essential Eight Controllables”

Day Two

8:30-10:30    “The Three Rules for Maximizing Marketing ROI”

10:45-12:00    “Keeping Your Customers Engaged Online”

1:00-3:00    “Pro Performance20 Group Top 20 Ideas”

3:15-5:00    “Build Your Profit Improvement Plan”

* Includes: 8 Workbooks, Continental Breakfast and Lunch Each Day

Get signed up! Send an email to, get the signup form and get the Training!

DealerPro Training

1020 Taylor Station Road

Gahanna, OH 43230


Phone: (888) 553-0100

Fax: (614) 471-8306

100% Service Absorption attainable says Don Reed, CEO DealerPro Training Solutions



For More Information contact Don Reed

at or call 1-888-553-0100



GAHANNA, OH—Don Reed, nationally known expert on service absorption, announces The Don Reed PRO Training Network, which will provide a market basket of products and services to help automobile dealers achieve 100% service absorption. 

“Dealers know they can do a better service job … and they really want to,” says Mr. Reed. “They just don’t know how. That’s why we’ve put together a whole range of training programs for Dealers, GMs, Service Managers and Service Advisors.” 

“We can provide in-dealership training, online training, workshops, sales tools and a combination of services. Each program is tailored to the dealer’s specific needs,” says Don. 

“Our approach is vastly different from traditional trainers or consultants,” he says. “For example, our PRO Performance 20 Groups use industry standard NCM composites, but instead of just identifying problems, we’ll roll up our sleeves and help dealers solve them and achieve their true potential.” 

“And,” continues Don, “we even offer customer training. Our service sales tool, PRO SMART Menu, presents customers with every service item required at each specific interval. Recommended and premium items are also automatically shown with pricing so customers can choose the level of service they want.” 

The result: Customers become more aware of their vehicles’ service requirements … and dealers sell more services. “When you give customers the power to choose, they buy more,” says Don.

Every product and service provided by The Don Reed PRO Training Network helps dealers improve their service sales performance. But the crown jewel in the Network is the $200K Club. 

The $200K Club program guarantees that a dealership will increase its Service Gross Profits by at least $200,000. The program consists of these elements … 

  1. Profit Improvement Plan built from the dealership’s financials, so it is real
  2. One-week in-dealership installation and training
  3. Monthly in-dealership monitoring and coaching: 2 to 3 days a month
  4. 24/7 Online PRO Training available for all Service Managers and Advisors for 13 months.
  5. Management tools and reports 

“Several dealers really blow the doors off the program,” says Don. For example, Snell Motors generated more than $800,000 added Service Gross Profits during the 13-month program.  “We’ve had several other dealers make more than $500,000 in added Service Gross Profits,” says Don.  

For more information on how The Don Reed PRO Training Network can help your dealership achieve 100% Service Absorption, call Don Reed at 1-888-553-0100 or email Don at

People say the darnedest things, don’t they.

We hear many things in Service.

Many people, many messages.

Stand on any Service Drive on any given day and you will hear Customers describe all kinds of noises related their vehicles. The variety of sounds people make describing their vehicle and situation is utterly amazing at times.

And no doubt you will hear conversations between Service Department personnel as they conduct their daily business.  Everything from “When will that part be here?” to discussions about lunch and everything else in between. In Service more words are exchanged on an hourly basis than nearly anyplace else on earth.

But there are things that you will never hear in the Service Department or even in the Dealership.  Here are a few of them.

  1. “Don’t take care of the Customer.” Is there ever a situation when you would not take care of your Customer? Maybe…I can’t think of one.  The chances are that 99.9% of the time you will be doing something.  Whether that is driving to their home to deliver a car to making sure that the waiting room coffee pot is full. The first word in your Department’s name is “Service.”
  2. “You are doing way too much maintenance work.” We recommend Service and Maintenance because that’s what we are supposed to do. The person doing that job is called the “Service Advisor” not the “Service Guy” or “Service Man/Service Lady” or even “Service Writer.”  The Service Advisor needs to be the most Professionally Trained and Knowledgeable person in the Dealership.  You can’t talk to a Customer intelligently about the vehicle and the maintenance required to keep it functioning as it is designed if all you know how to do is punch letters on a keyboard and say “Have a seat in our waiting room.”
  3. “You don’t need to be profitable this month/this year.” Just not going to happen. The Service Department is the heartbeat of the Dealership. Have you ever been to a Dealership where the Service Department was on its last wheezing gasps? That’s a Dealership in trouble because just like a human, you can’t live without a heart.
  4. “You can close early every day this week.” Nope, not going to happen either. Service stays open because vehicles break and more importantly Customers need us at to be open. For some people the family car is the one and only thing they have to get them around. For others it is the difference between making it to the doctor’s appointment or not. Service stays open because there isn’t a crystal ball made that can predict when it can be closed.
  5. “You don’t need to Train anymore.” There is not one single Successful business, military branch, professional sport, popular band or orchestra that does not Train on a regular and continuous basis. Not one. It’s impossible to put a marketable product, military presence, winning team or great sounding band into the world’s eye without it. Training is the beginning of Profit and the basis of Professionalism. You can’t have one without the other.

Take a listen the next time you walk through the Service Department. You will hear many things. Some of them might even be humorous. But chances are, you won’t hear these 5 things anytime soon.